Why, hello there, I didn't hear you come in...

*takes sip of expensive and aged whiskey*

So you wanna know more about American Pizza Slice? Well it's simple, kid. We love pizza. Like, we REALLY love pizza. Have you ever eaten pizza in the bath? On the top of a mountain? At the beach? Mindblowing.

Our only aim with our business is to help you love pizza as much as we do, the NY way. Over our three (for now) Liverpool stores, we're doing pizza every which way (wahey): By the slice for on the go, as a really cool restaurant and bar, and as the best damn pizza delivery company ever.

You'll be seeing a lot more of us, so head on down, crack open a beer, and lets be mates.

American Pizza Slice Take away


Where it all began, we serve up slices NYC style; by the slice for cool people who are too busy to stop.

American Pizza Slice Delivery


Get the best damn pizza in Liverpool delivered right to your bed, we have really nice drivers who probably won't get in with you.

American Pizza Slice Restaurant

Restaurant / Pizza Bar:

Our brand new Bold Street baby has actual seating, for the first time in APS history. We're very excited, we bought cushions. Come hang out with a slice and a beer and some chill tunes.

American Pizza Slice Quality


One of the most hilarious enquiries we get is “Aren't you sick of pizza?” Duh, of course not. We are constantly making sure our pizzas are something we can still drool over, and a big part of that is making sure every step of the process is right. From the best ingredients to the way we present our 18” babies to you.

American Pizza Slice People


Our staff are super cool. They play the best tunes (mostly), have the most laughs, and make sure you, the fellow pizza lover, is looked after. Introduce yourselves! You might make a new drinking (and pizza eating) buddy.