• Posted on: 7 August 2014
  • By: americanpizzasl...

Something you guys don't see is the workings of the kitchen. Whilst this is primarily a product of architecture, it's something we are thankful of - on behalf of you kind folk.

As it happens, the guys in the kitchen often enjoy some kind of motivational music to help them through their day, they have access to both a radio and a set of speakers in which they can play any music they like off of their phones and whatnot.

This all sounds fairly simple and uninteresting, yet entering the kitchen mid afternoon is truly a sight to behold.

Picture the scene:

Upon the walk down the corridor you instantly notice the sweet rhymes of the 1997 hit “Backstreet's Back” by the Backstreet Boys, but as you get closer you realise the Boys are slightly off tune and more enthusiastic than you're used to (practically impossible). And finally the sight; you enter the kitchen to see two fully grown men prancing about and rocking out the lyrics to the song blasting from the speakers. The speakers connected to a phone. It wasn't on the radio.

Needless to say the usual reaction is to slowly back away and not make eye contact.