• Posted on: 15 August 2014
  • By: americanpizzasl...

Our Amazing Local Stage



After rocking Africa Oyé at Sefton Park this summer, we have decided (as if it was a decision), to come back and rock you folks again at this years Liverpool International Music Festival Summer Jam!


That was quite the mouthful, so now we'll just refer to it as LIMF! (Which is way more fun to say anyways).

Joining US at the "It's Liverpool" Stage will be some great local bands and artists, some of whom you won't know, some of whom you may know and love! Some of whom may even BE you. It is the locals after all.


Look out for;



The Probes


The Hummingbirds 

The Kavez

Sophia Ben- Yousef

Baltic Fleet

The Farm

John Power

Ian Prowse & Amsterdam

Personally we'll definitely be trying to sing along to The Hummingbirds with pizza stuffed in our mouths.

Can't wait to see you there!


                                              Incase you have trouble finding us