• Posted on: 25 July 2014
  • By: americanpizzasl...

Naturally with all the walking a person does in their life, one is bound to, on occasion, trip. We've all witnessed it, and it is often hilarious. That entertainment becomes tenfold when that person is carrying an 18” pizza (and isn't you).



Last night the shop received a call from a customer who was waiting on a delivery; the call started with that sort of inexplicable inability-to-breathe-kind-of-laughter. He explained how he was looking out of his window to check the pizza man had arrived, and proceeded to watch him trip up the curb, and go careening into the wall- all the while keeping his pizza held in an upright position. He just wanted to let us know to tease the driver mercilessly upon his return. (We did).




Like we say, trips happen. There is a common practise in the shop amongst drivers whereby no matter how you appear to fall - the straight plunk of a trip to face-on-the-floor, the sideways attempt run-out, the backwards ice slip - the life of the pizza is at stake. PROTECT THE PIZZA!

But it's not only our drivers that fall, inside the store there are maaany steps, and flyaway pineapple pieces that exist solely to cause slippage behind the counter- hopefully providing you guys with a lot of laughs along with our scraped hands. Don't feel bad though, our only real reason for having CCTV is to replay ourselves falling down the stairs in a comical manner.

Our very own Daisy.. After her very own disaster..