• Posted on: 17 June 2014
  • By: admin@empiresol...

Okay, so we’re not actually gonna show you what’s behind the oven; there’s a plug, a fire extinguisher and probably some weird drawings that someone’s stuck up there to freak out whoever’s working today. Nothing exciting.

Consider ‘behind the oven’ our weird metaphor for the mystical behind the scenes of a pretty badass pizza place in Liverpool.

Much like the bartenders of the city, we see some weird stuff (I’m lookin’ at you, dude that constantly answers the door with no pants, and you, lady that’s put sugar on her pizza on more than one occasion). From our brains to yours, from the trippy, the strange and the just plain wrong, here’s everything you need* to know about what happens from our side of the counter at American Pizza Slice.

*yep, probs the loosest interpretation of ‘need’ ever used. Sod off, Urban Dictionary.